Specialmachines made in Germany
Spezialmaschinenbau Sondermaschinenbau Deutschland

Wafer Products

Wafer Products & Wafer Machines

Wafer products Wafer machines Wafer shapes:

The wafer products:

Wafer shapes:
round and square wafers
rectangular wafers
Wafers for ice-cream sundaes
Wafers with chocolate
Chocolate wafers

Our range of services:

Construction and building
of waffle special machines
with a focus on wafer machines
Wafer turners
Wafer presses
waffle machines

Waffle and Wafer products: Special mechanical engineering Mould making Tool making Wafer machines - Waffle Special machines

Waffelprodukte - Sternförmige Waffeln Waffelmaschine für alle Waffelformen Waffel Produkte - Schokowaffeln
Ice-cream wafers and designer wafers for ice-cream parlours and cafés

Special Machines - Wafer Products - Wafer Machines - Wafer Shapes

Lippl-Special Mechanical Engineering - Company and Office
Robert-Bosch-Str. 4, 93426 Roding-Oberdorf Germany
Phone.: 09461 - 45 65   -   Fax.: 09461 - 17 39
E-Mail: HLippl@t-online.de

Special Mechanical Engineering - Waferproducts - Wafermachines

Special Machines Lippl - Our Websites - Wafer Machines & Wafer Produkts

Spezialmaschinenbau Deutschland

Gofret Ürünleri  Gofret Makineleri

Prodotti di Wafer, Macchine per Wafer

Productos, Máquinas de barquillos

Produtos Wafer, Máquinas de Wafer

Spezialmaschinenbau Sondermaschinenbau Deutschland
Specialmachines made in Germany
Specialmachines made in Germany

Special Machines - Machine Building

Waffles, Wafer Products and Machines

Produits pour gaufrettes, Machines spéciales

Russisch: вафельные станки   машиностроение

Map Karte: Special Machine Building in Europe
         Special Machines Building worldwide

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